flowers at our nursery

San Felasco Nurseries, Inc. was founded in 1974 on a parcel of land adjacent to the San Felasco Hammock State Wildlife Preserve. Over the years we have expanded our operation to meet the needs of the industry and have grown into a one-stop source for retail nurseries, landscapers, and other wholesale buyers.

In 2004 we registered the fictitious name Grandiflora and began doing business under our new name. The nursery is now branding its flowering plant line as "Grandiflora Grown...long-lasting southern blooms".

Grandiflora carries all the outdoor landscaping plants needed to garden in zones 7 through 10, from annuals and herbs in 4 inch pots - to shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, and flowering vines - to larger trees, palms and topiaries in 15 gallon containers. With 106 acres, we have become one of the largest wholesale nurseries in North Central Florida and are recognized as experts in the growing of herbaceous perennials.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction and personalized service, Grandiflora welcomes the challenge of providing the Southeast with unusual and top quality plant material delivered weekly to your business.